Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to the Adam Fulford Blogger Blog

Atlas ShruggedImage by K. Sawyer via FlickrIf you've somehow come across this page, welcome.

My name is Adam Fulford. For me the most miraculous thing about life is the mystery of it. Our origins and reasons for existing are really mysterious.

I mainly explore the mysteries of existence, and do so in various ways such as writing, exploring the Internet, creating websites, producing documentaries, writing screenplays, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

I am the real Adam Fulford. There have been some pretenders, who've posted crap in internet forums in my name, apparently with the intent of harming my reputation. This is to be expected, since I've sometimes expressed views contrary to cultish dogmas, whether of conservative or liberal in nature. The shackles of dogmas restrict creativity and, while order is necessary in society to maintain a framework, can be damaging to society as well when taken to extremes.
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